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Umbria is just one hour by car or train from Rome or Florence: a region in Central Italy defined as the "Green Heart of Italy" for its geographic location and environmental characteristics. 
It is not a coastal region yet it has a lot of water. Nature and parks, cities rich in art and culture, open-air sports, international events and excellent food will make your stay truly unforgettable

Umbria is a land of balance, its myriad facets and souls merging in a single fresco - man and nature, deep spirituality and secular pride. Each place has its own unmistakable identity, the result of millennia of civilisations that left behind thick layers of memories and timeless masterpieces: Umbrians, Etruscans, Sabines and Romans, followed by the great Medieval and Renaissance eras.
Farmers patiently sculpted the landscape by reclaiming land, ploughing and planting olive groves and vineyards, which in addition to producing fine oils and wines, have become the symbol of this territory. 

Dotted with medieval hamlets and quiet hermitages, the Umbrian hills are enchanting. A few kilometers are enough to find yourself immersed in nature, with centuries-old beech woods, deep caves and mountains steeped in ancient legends.
Water emerges in springs and mountain lakes; it flows in rivers, carving out striking stone canyons; it gathers in swamps and artificial basins, transforming them into natural oases.  Lake Trasimeno, the slow flowing Tiber and the drop of the Marmore waterfalls; almost as if they were created deliberately to inspire poets and painters.
At the end of the trip, one thing is certain - Umbria is truly beautiful


One of the great pleasures of a visit to Italy is to stumble across a local festival or fair (festa, sagre, fiera). Although there are a great many of these events - fairs, costumed festivals, patron saints' days etc. - so that your chances of finding yourselves participating by chance are good, it is nevertheless worthwhile to do a bit of research because some of these festivals are not to be missed - as a show to be viewed and/or an event to take part in. The festivals of Umbria are characterised by horseback events, flag throwing, and, notably, dressing up in Renaissance or Medieval costume, all of which are extremely popular in Italy, especially in Umbria, and have reached a very high level of professionalism. Entire villages sometimes deck themselves out in medieval gear for several days at a time for festivals in Umbria. In addition to the spectacle, there is invariably a good range of food available - indeed, very often the raison d'être of a seasonal fair is a particular harvest, game season, mushroom season, vendemmia, olive harvest and so on, with the food matching the occasion. In addition there are numerous musical, art performance and culinary events, which are not to be missed too. For more information on some of these events please click here and visit our events page.

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